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John Medina has always been a passionate pickleball player. He started playing when he was young and never stopped loving the game ever since. After years of honing his skills, John decided to take it one step further by launching his own blog about pickleball.

The mission of the blog is to share John’s love for the sport with others, as well as provide reviews on products related to pickleball. To help him do this effectively, he assembled a team of professionals including a writers, designers and web developers who worked together to make sure his vision came alive.

John’s blog quickly became popular in the pickleball community due to its informative articles and entertaining stories that showcased how much passion there is behind the game.

The website also featured product reviews from local players who gave their honest opinions on what they liked or didn’t like about different equipment brands.

As word spread about John’s blog more people began visiting everyday eager to learn more about 8the world of Pickleball from an experienced source like John Medina himself!

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Meet our team

John Medina

John always has a strong passion with pickle ball

Rolando Johns

An experience players with a bunch off tips and guide to share

Thalia Nader

Thalia is the heart of our content team with many years working as a journalist

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